Honey Bees

These are one of the greatest insects ever created on Earth. They are beneficial pollinators and should be left alone. Bees should be appreciated, unless their nests are in conflict with human activity.

If a honey bee swarm settles inside the structure of your home, such as a wall, roof, or attic, they can be removed or treated, if necessary. It is best to open the area and remove the honeycomb and wax, otherwise rodents and other insects will be attracted to it.

Without the bee population to control the beehive temperature, the wax may melt in those sunny days and the honey will drip from the combs, creating a new chain of negative events. After removal the beehive area should be clean and treated as the odor will be very attractive to future bee swarms.

Beehives should be removed promptly because in only a few weeks the population will increase due to a very busy Queen who lays  about 1,500 eggs per day and to the worker bees who may have stored a considerable amount of honey and pollen for the colony feeding needs.


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