How long do I have to leave my home for a bee removal?

Normally you do not have to leave your home for bee removals, but as a safety precaution you should keep away from the work area. Inside your house or in any closed room would be a good place to remain while the area is being treated.

Can you remove the bees poison free?

If you are concerned about chemicals, then YES! we can remove bees with other methods. However, the process may be longer and a little more costly. 

What would happen if I decided to exterminate the beehive without removing it?

It is a good thrifty choice leaving the beehive inside your homes structure but this will pose other problems. Ant invasions and rats will find their way through your house structure toward the hive to take advantage of the huge food storage. There's also the possibility of honey melt down in sunny or hot days. This damages interior drywall, exterior stucco walls, and wooden sidings. New bees can also take over the old hive. 

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